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Worried about keeping your valuables safe at home? According to figures from the Association of British Insurers (ABI), insurers paid out an average of £8.1m per day in domestic property claims in 2015, of which theft was the third most common type. Furthermore, the value of gold soared by 16% at the start of 2016, inflating the worth of certain items and making them even more desirable in the eyes of criminals.

Figures like these only add to our anxiety about the security of our homes and the possessions we keep inside them.  So it’s no wonder that increasing numbers of us are researching ways to prevent theft of our most treasured items.

Which safe is safest?

One of the first steps you might take is to either consider investing in a home safe or looking for a trusted security box facility like ours.

If you Google ‘home safes’ you are literally bombarded with an abundance of different products that you can buy from a range of companies that offer conflicting information about the safes and how effective they actually are at keeping valuables safe.

For instance, should you go for a fire-resistant box, or a security box, or perhaps a certified safe? Then should you opt for a digital safe, or a traditional lock and key safe? If you are on a budget, perhaps you would opt for a value safe? You can buy a home safe for as little as £20, but exactly what level of protection does this provide? At £20 it’s questionable that there is any genuine security at all!

At a safe deposit facility like ours, while we have different sizes of boxes, essentially all of them are equipped with the same physical and digital security features including being placed in an anti-ballistic, fire proof vault, surrounded by multiple security layers, CCTV monitored, protected by seismic sensors as well as by Grade 4 alarm systems. This ensures that our facility is essentially an impenetrable fortress.

Expert knowledge and experience…

Many home safe retailers are online sellers that do not necessarily have the expert knowledge and experience that can only be obtained from working within the security industry. The danger of not having done your research is that you may end up with nothing more than a thin metal box that can be easily stolen and broken into if a burglar were to lay their hands on it.

We know our industry at SSD and the best possible physical and digital security is at the heart of what we do.

How robust is a home safe?

Without the safe actually being bolted to a solid wall or concrete floor, the security of a home safe could actually be deemed worthless. A burglar in fact is more likely to see more opportunity in taking the safe away with them and then attempting to break into it somewhere else. Regardless, the contents will still be removed from the property.

Even with the box bolted to a concrete floor or masonry wall, burglars have access to hydraulic tools, lock pick guns and metal detectors which can easily and quickly free the home safe from the bolts.

Having a rented box on a site such as ours takes all this apprehension away, as well as removing the confusion over what type of box to have in your home. 

While we don’t want to deter people entirely from storing their valuables at home, our message is just to be cautious and do your research first if you do decide to purchase a home safe. The final word is do not underestimate the peace of mind and assurance that renting a safe deposit box at a site like ours can have. Our boxes are affordable and come in a range of different sizes with up to £50,000 complimentary Insurance and optional insurance up to £500,000. Find out more about our safe deposit box services here

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